Local Digital Library II

Library Contents
ISR:Network Configuration (NEW!), Network configuration (old), Technical Report templates for LaTeX2e (isrtr.zip or isrtr.tar.gz), ISR logos.
Publications:ResearchIndex, arXiv.org, Neglected Lore, Project Gutenberb.
Applications:Apache, Bind, BSCW, CMUCL-user, Courier, CVS, Cyrus (sasl, imapd), EncyCMUCLopedia, GnuPlot, ILISP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ProFTPD config, Squid Cache (config, user), RRDtool, Teamspeak2.
Development:GNOME2, GTK+ (Glib, GDK, GTK), HyperSpec, Java (SDK, Language, JVM, 3D), Norton Guide, PHP, PyGTK, Python (Language, NumPy, SciPy), ROS wiki, Tcl/Tk, VRML.
W3C:XML, XSLT, XPath, XLink.
Hypertext:Core Javascript (Guide, Reference), CSS 2.1, HTML 4.01, XHTML 2.0.
Software:Local mirrors of frequently used software via HTTP of FTP protocol, Software restricted to ISR, via HTTP of FTP protocol.

(C) 2001 Rodrigo Ventura <yoda@isr.ist.utl.pt>