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BSCW 3.4 Help

Author: Jürgen Marock (

Here you find the english help for the BSCW system as a set of HTML pages.

For a quick start please read first the chapter 1.4 BSCW at a glance.

You can find information and hints to a number of questions in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list.


You can also install the BSCW help locally. In particular if you run your own BSCW server, you should offer them to your users at your site.

  • BSCW Help in HTML format
    • as Zip archive [1,8 MB]
      Please extract the Zip archive and start browsing with bscw_help/english/index.html.
  • BSCW Help in PDF format
    • as online help [3,3 MB]
      This version has been optimized for online browsing of the PDF file.
    • Note: to view PDF files you need the Acrobat Reader. You can download the Acrobat Reader for different platforms directly from Adobe (free of charge).

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