Building Cyrus SASL on Windows


Step by step

These directions assume that you've untarred the library or used CVS and the sources are in C:\SASL.

preparing to build (cvs only!)

Start a cygwin shell and create the dynamic loading stubs:
% cd /cygdrive/c/sasl/plugins
% sh

building using NMake

Open a "Windows 2000 build environment" from the SDK's Start Menu and use "nmake /f NTMakefile" to build:
Targeting Windows 2000 and IE 5.0 RETAIL

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK> cd \sasl

C:\sasl> cd lib

C:\sasl\lib> nmake /f NTMakefile

C:\sasl\lib> cd ..\plugins

C:\sasl\plugins> nmake /f NTMakefile
To build a debug verison, use "nmake /f NTMakefile CFG=Debug". For a production version, "nmake /f NTMakefile CFG=Release".


creating an MSI