GDK Reference Manual

Table of Contents
General — library initialization and miscellaneous functions.
Points, Rectangles and Regions — simple graphical data types.
Graphics Contexts — objects to encapsulate drawing properties.
Drawing Primitives — functions for drawing points, lines, arcs, and text.
Bitmaps and Pixmaps — Offscreen drawables.
GdkRGB — displays RGB images (as well as grayscale and colormapped) to the native window.
Images — an area for bit-mapped graphics stored on the X Windows client.
Colormaps and Colors — manipulation of colors and colormaps.
Color Contexts — routines for allocating colors (deprecated).
Visuals — manipulation of visuals.
Fonts — loading and manipulating fonts
Cursors — standard and pixmap cursors.
Events — functions for handling events from the window system.
Event Structures — data structures specific to each type of event.
Selections — functions for transfering data via the X selection mechanism.
Drag and Drop — functions for controlling drag and drop handling.
Properties and Atoms — functions to manipulate properties on windows.
Input — Callbacks on file descriptors.
Input Devices — Functions for handling extended input devices.
Key Values — functions for manipulating keyboard codes.
Input Methods — support for internationalized text input.
Input Contexts — internationalized text input properties.