GTK+ Reference Manual

Table of Contents
General — Mainloop and event handling
Version Information — variables and functions to check the GTK+ version.
Graphics Contexts — provides access to a shared pool of GdkGC objects.
Resource Files — Routines for handling resource files
Keyboard Accelerators
Selections — Functions for handling inter-process communication via selections.
Drag and Drop — Functions for controlling drag and drop handling.
Signals — Object methods and callbacks.
Signal Marshallers — Functions to adapt C structures to native calling convention.
Implementation of Object Properties — Utility function to manipulate lists of named, typed arguments.
Types — Handle run-time type creation.
Standard Enumerations — Public enumerated types used throughout GTK+.
Private Information
GTK+ Widgets and Objects
GtkAccelLabel — a label which displays an accelerator key on the right of the text.
GtkAdjustment — a GtkObject representing an adjustable bounded value.
GtkAlignment — a widget which controls the alignment and size of its child.
GtkArrow — produces an arrow pointing in one of the four cardinal directions.
GtkAspectFrame — A frame that constrains its child to a particular aspect ratio.
GtkButtonBox — Base class for GtkHButtonBox and GtkVButtonBox
GtkBin — a container with just one child.
GtkBox — a base class for box containers
GtkButton — A widget that creates a signal when clicked on.
GtkCalendar — display a calendar and/or allow the user to select a date.
GtkCheckButton — create widgets with a discrete toggle button.
GtkCheckMenuItem — a menu item with a check box.
GtkCList — A multi-columned scrolling list widget.
GtkColorSelection — a widget used to select a color.
GtkColorSelectionDialog — a standard dialog box for selecting a color.
GtkCombo — a text entry field with a dropdown list.
GtkCTree — a widget displaying a hierarchical tree.
GtkCurve — allows direct editing of a curve.
GtkData — abstract base class for objects containing data.
GtkDialog — create popup windows.
GtkDrawingArea — a widget for custom user interface elements.
GtkEditable — Base class for text-editing widgets.
GtkEntry — a single line text entry field.
GtkEventBox — a widget used to catch events for widgets which do not have their own window.
GtkFileSelection — prompt the user for a file or directory name.
GtkFixed — a container which supports fixed sizes and positions of its children.
GtkFontSelection — a widget for selecting fonts.
GtkFontSelectionDialog — a dialog box for selecting fonts.
GtkFrame — A bin with a decorative frame and optional label.
GtkGammaCurve — a subclass of GtkCurve for editing gamma curves.
GtkHandleBox — a widget for detachable window portions.
GtkHButtonBox — a container for arranging button horizontally.
GtkHBox — horizontal container box
GtkHPaned — A container with two panes arranged horizontally.
GtkHRuler — A horizontal ruler.
GtkHScale — a horizontal slider widget for selecting a value from a range.
GtkHScrollbar — A horizontal scrollbar
GtkHSeparator — a horizontal separator.
GtkImage — A widget displaying a graphical image
GtkInputDialog — Configure devices for the XInput extension.
GtkInvisible — internally-used widget which is not displayed.
GtkItem — abstract base class for GtkMenuItem, GtkListItem and GtkTreeItem.
GtkLabel — A widget that displays a small to medium amount of text.
GtkList — Widget for packing a list of selectable items.
GtkListItem — an item in a GtkList.
GtkMenu — a drop down menu widget.
GtkMenuBar — A subclass widget for GtkMenuShell which holds GtkMenuItem widgets
GtkMenuItem — the widget used for item in menus
GtkMenuShell — a base class for menu objects.
GtkMisc — a base class for widgets with alignments and padding.
GtkNotebook — Set of pages with bookmarks.
GtkObject — The base class of the Gtk type hierarchy.
GtkOptionMenu — a widget used to choose from a list of valid choices.
GtkPaned — Base class for widgets with two adjustable panes
GtkPixmap — a widget displaying a graphical image or icon.
GtkPlug — Toplevel for embedding into other processes.
GtkPreview — a widget to display RGB or grayscale data.
GtkProgress — the base class for GtkProgressBar.
GtkProgressBar — a widget which indicates progress visually.
GtkRadioButton — A choice from multiple check buttons.
GtkRadioMenuItem — A choice from multiple check menu items.
GtkRuler — Base class for horizontal or vertical rulers
GtkScale — a base class for GtkHScale and GtkVScale.
GtkScrollbar — base class for GtkHScrollbar and GtkVScrollbar.
GtkScrolledWindow — Adds scrollbars to its child widget.
GtkSeparator — a base class for GtkHSeparator and GtkVseparator.
GtkSocket — Container for widgets from other processes.
GtkSpinButton — retrieve an integer or floating-point number from the user.
GtkStatusbar — report messages of minor importance to the user.
GtkTable — Pack widgets in regular patterns.
GtkTearoffMenuItem — a menu item used to tear off and reattach its menu.
GtkText — text widget which allows display and manipulation of arbitrary text
GtkTipsQuery — displays help about widgets in the user interface.
GtkToggleButton — create buttons which retain their state.
GtkToolbar — create bars of buttons and other widgets.
GtkTooltips — Add tips to your widgets.
GtkTree — A treelist widget.
GtkVButtonBox — a container for arranging buttons vertically.
GtkVBox — vertical container box
GtkVPaned — A container with two panes arranged vertically.
GtkVRuler — A vertical ruler.
GtkVScale — a vertical slider widget for selecting a value from a range.
GtkVScrollbar — A vertical scrollbar
GtkVSeparator — a vertical separator.
Object Hierarchy