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Addressing Modes

     Addressing Mode       Format of Address      Default Segment Register
     ---------------       -----------------      ------------------------
     Register                   register                    None

     Immediate                    data                      None

     Register Indirect            [BX]                       DS
                                  [BP]                       SS
                                  [DI]                       DS
                                  [SI]                       DS

     Base Relative*            label [BX]                    DS
                               label [BP]                    SS

     Direct Indexed*           label [DI]                    DS
                               label [SI]                    DS

     Base Indexed*           label [BX + SI]                 DS
                             label [BX + DI]                 DS
                             label [BP + SI]                 SS
                             label [BP + DI]                 SS

     String Instructions         source                     DS:SI
                              destination                   ES:DI

  *  Label [...] can be replaced with [displacement + ...].  Therefore,
     writing [24 + BX] would produce the address 24 + BX.

       Note:          Many of the string instructions use ES:DI for the
                      destination and DS:SI for the source.

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