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PURGE            Delete Macro Definition                       MASM Directive

  PURGE     macroname,,,

    Deletes one or more macro definitions, freeing up memory.

       Notes:     If a call is made to a macro that has been PURGEd, then
                  an error is generated.

                  There is no need to PURGE a macro when you wish to
                  redefine it.  By redefining it, the old macro definition
                  is automatically PURGEd.  A macro can PURGE itself by
                  making the last line of the macro the PURGE directive.

                  This directive can also be used to easily remove macros
                  not needed from a macro library.

                  If the macroname is a directive or instruction mnemonic,
                  the directive or instruction mnemonic is restored to its
                  original value.

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