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.RADIX           Set Input Radix                               MASM Directive

  .RADIX expression

    Sets the input radix for numbers to expression.

       Notes:     The argument expression is considered a decimal number,
                  regardless of the current radix.  It can be any integer
                  in the range 2 to 16.

                  The default radix is decimal.

                  Note that numbers entered as arguments to the DD, DQ,
                  and DT directives are always considered decimal,
                  regardless of the current radix, unless they are
                  followed by a radix specifier.

                  Also note that a B or D appended to a number is always
                  considered a radix specifier, even if the current radix
                  is hexadecimal. To write a hexadecimal number ending in
                  B or D when the radix is hexadecimal, you must append
                  the radix specifier H.

See Also: DD DQ DT
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