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Package Summary

Defines an API for access point control based on dynamic_reconfigure. Other packages must implement the API for various access-point models: for example: hostapd_access_point for hostapd-based control or linksys_access_point for Linksys router web interface.


The following dynamic_reconfigure API must be implemented by packages specific to access point model such as hostapd_access_point, linksys_access_point, ddwrt_access_point.


~enabled (bool, default: False) ~ssid (str, default: test) ~wmm (bool, default: False) ~mode (str, default: b) ~freq (double, default: 2412000000.0) ~ieee80211n (bool, default: False) ~encryption_mode (string, default: open) ~encryption_pass (string) ~txpower_auto (bool, default: True) ~txpower (int, default: 0) ~bitrate (int, default: 0) ~status (string, default: OK) ~errmsg (string, default: )

2011-11-19 12:19