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Package Summary

Node for the Color Machine Vision Project, used for fast color blob detection


Selecting Blob Colors


rosrun cmvision colorgui image:=<image topic>

The above command will bring up an interface that provides a means for graphically selecting desired colors for blobs. colorgui displays values for RGB and YUV which can be used in a colors file.

Colors File Format

Blob parameters are specified to cmvision using two components:

(r, g, b) merge expected_num name

(min_y:max_y, min_u:max_u, min_v:max_v)

Example colors.txt for detecting a Research Robot Red RWI B21r

(159,  62, 71) 0.000000 7 ResearchRobotRed

(56:99, 108:117, 173:193)

Multiple blob colors can be specified in the same file by adding lines under colors and thresholds.

Detecting Blobs

rosparam set /cmvision/color_file /path/to/colors.txt
rosrun cmvision cmvision image:=<image topic>



Simple node for selecting blob colors.

Subscribed Topics

image (sensor_msgs/Image)


Node for detecting blobs.

Subscribed Topics

image (sensor_msgs/Image)

Published Topics

blobs (cmvision/Blobs)


/cmvision/color_file (string, default: "") /cmvision/mean_shift_on (bool, default: false) /cmvision/debug_on (bool, default: false) /cmvision/spatial_radius_pix (int, default: 0) /cmvision/color_radius_pix (int) (, default: 0)

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