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slam_coreslam: coreslam

Package Summary

This package contains CoreSLAM, from OpenSlam, and a ROS wrapper.

Hardware Requirements

To use CoreSLAM, you need a mobile robot that provides odometry data and is equipped with a horizontally-mounted, fixed, laser range-finder. The slam_coreslam node will attempt to transform each incoming scan into the odom (odometry) tf frame. See the "Required tf transforms" for more on required transforms.


To make a map from a robot with a laser publishing scans on the base_scan topic:

rosrun coreslam slam_coreslam scan:=base_scan



The slam_coreslam node takes in sensor_msgs/LaserScan messages and builds a map (nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid). The map can be retrieved via a ROS topic or service.

Subscribed Topics

tf (tf/tfMessage) scan (sensor_msgs/LaserScan)

Published Topics

map_metadata (nav_msgs/MapMetaData) map (nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid)


dynamic_map (nav_msgs/GetMap)


~throttle_scans (int, default: 1) ~base_frame (string, default: "base_link") ~map_frame (string, default: "map") ~odom_frame (string, default: "odom") ~map_update_interval (float, default: 5.0) ~delta (float, default: 0.05) ~sigma_xy (float, default: 0.1) ~sigma_theta (float, default: 0.35) ~hole_width (float, default: 0.6)

Required tf Transforms

<the frame attached to incoming scans>base_link base_linkodom

Provided tf Transforms


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