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gpgpu: cuda | cuda_tests

Package Summary

This package pulls in NVIDIA's CUDA toolkit, drivers and SDK.


To add CUDA support to a package, you must edit its manifest:

  <depend package="cuda"/>
  <depend package="roscpp"/>

Also modify its CMakeLists.txt file:


# Run the CUDA-linking routines
rosbuild_include(cuda cuda)

# Build the kernel and the kernel-aware host code
CUDA_ADD_LIBRARY(kernel src/kernel.cu)
# Build the ROS node and the matrix-adding code that's CUDA-unaware
rosbuild_add_executable(program src/program.cpp)
# Link the CUDA code and CUDA libraries into the ROS node
target_link_libraries(program kernel shrutil_x86_64 cutil_x86_64)

kernel.cu contains the CUDA kernels and CUDA-aware (nvcc-compiled) host code. The plain C++ code in program.cpp calls code in kernel.cu which runs the kernel. The host-code entry point in kernel.cu should be declared in a header shared with program.cpp.

See cuda_tests for an example of a CUDA-aware ROS node.

2011-11-19 12:22