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diagnostics: diagnostic_aggregator | diagnostic_analysis | diagnostic_updater | self_test

Package Summary

diagnostic_updater contains tools for easily updating diagnostics. it is commonly used in device drivers to keep track of the status of output topics, device status, etc.

Diagnostic Updater API

diagnostic_updater provides a variety of C++ utilities to assist in integrating diagnostics with your software. Common updater tasks include:

Examples and Tutorials

A working example of a diagnostic_updater can be found in diagnostic_updater/src/example.cpp. This example goes through some of the most common uses of an updater.

API Stability

The documented C++ API is widely used and should be considered stable.


The diagnostic_updater::DiagnosticStatusWrapper class eases the pain of filling out a diagnostic_msgs/DiagnosticStatus message. It handles setting the summary, possibly with printf-type formatting of the message field, and setting of key-value pairs with type-conversion and formatting of the values. It also has facilities for merging multiple diagnostic_msgs/DiagnosticStatus messages without losing information in the status message.


The diagnostic_updater::Updater class manages a set of diagnostic update functions, and their periodic publication.


Monitoring a topic's frequency, a common diagnostics feature, and the validity of its timestamps can be done using pre-packaged diagnostic update functions. A diagnostic_updater::DiagnosedPublisher wraps a Publisher and standard diagnostics that relate to it in a single class.

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