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driver_common: driver_base | dynamic_reconfigure | timestamp_tools

Package Summary

This package provides a class to facilitate dynamic node reconfiguration. This package is still under development, and should be considered unstable except for features that are explicitely marked as stable in the documentation.

At present, the focus of dynamic_reconfigure is on providing a standard way to expose a subset of a node's parameters to external reconfiguration. Client programs, e.g., GUIs, can query the node for the set of reconfigurable parameters, including their names, types, and ranges, and present a customized interface to the user. This is especially useful for hardware drivers, but has broader applicability.

API Stability

This package is still under development and is expected to change significantly. However, the following features will be supported:



The reconfigure_gui tool provides a GUI interface to reconfigurable nodes.

To run reconfigure_gui, type:

$ rosrun dynamic_reconfigure reconfigure_gui

To choose a node to reconfigure, click on the drop-down to list all reconfigurable nodes (in alphabetic order):


Selecting a node displays its parameters with editors for modifying their values:


dynparam command-line tool

The dynparam tool enables command-line reconfiguration of nodes as well as loading and dumping their configuration to a file. To run dynparam, type:

$ rosrun dynamic_reconfigure dynparam COMMAND

The currently supported commands are:

dynparam list

dynparam get

dynparam set

dynparam set_from_parameters

dynparam dump

dynparam load

Python API

The dynamic_reconfigure.client module can be used to reconfigure dynamically reconfigurable nodes. Please refer to the Code API for the detailed API, and this tutorial for details on how to use this module.

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