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image_pipeline: camera_calibration | image_proc | image_rotate | image_view | stereo_image_proc

Package Summary

Contains a node that rotates an image stream in a way that minimizes the angle between a vector in some arbitrary frame and a vector in the camera frame. The frame of the outgoing image is published by the node.

This node is intended to allow camera images to be visualized in an orientation that is more intuitive than the hardware-constrained orientation of the physical camera. This is particularly helpful, for example, to show images from the PR2's forearm cameras with a consistent up direction, despite the fact that the forearms need to rotate in arbitrary ways during manipulation.

It is not recommended to use the output from this node for further computation, as it interpolates the source image, introduces black borders, and does not output a camera_info.


Example Use

To produce a version of the forearm camera view that always points up:

rosrun image_rotate image_rotate image:=l_forearm_cam/image_color \
rotated/image:=l_forearm_cam/image_color_rotated __name:=image_rotater

You can then view it with image_view.

rosrun image_view image_view image:=l_forearm_cam/image_color_rotated

It is easy to adjust the settings using dynamic_reconfigure.

rosrun dynamic_reconfigure reconfigure_gui image_rotater



image_rotate is a node to rotate an image for visualization. The node takes a source vector and a target vector, and projects them onto the camera image. It then rotates the image by the angle neded to align the projection of the source vector with the projection of the target vector. The source and target vectors are specified in arbitrary TF frames allowing the rotation angle to vary dynamically as frames move relative to one another. With the default settings, the image will be rotated so that the top of the image matches the up direction the base_link.

Subscribed Topics

image (sensor_msgs/Image)

Published Topics

rotated/image (sensor_msgs/Image)


Dynamically Reconfigurable Parameters
See the dynamic_reconfigure package for details on dynamically reconfigurable parameters. ~target_frame_id (str, default: base_link) ~target_x (double, default: 0.0) ~target_y (double, default: 0.0) ~target_z (double, default: 1.0) ~source_frame_id (str, default: ) ~source_x (double, default: 0.0) ~source_y (double, default: -1.0) ~source_z (double, default: 0.0) ~output_frame_id (str, default: ) ~input_frame_id (str, default: ) ~use_camera_info (bool, default: True) ~max_angular_rate (double, default: 10.0) ~output_image_size (double, default: 2.0)

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