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Package Summary

Jsk_tidyup_demos is a set of demonstrations using PR2 and several ROS packages. It includes PR2: 1. collects small objects on the table and carrying them them to another place using a tray. 2. finds a dish by detecting circlar figures, grasps it and carries it to another place. 3. collects washing on a chair by finding wrinkle feature 4. finds an object using stereo points and then identifies it by comparing SURF feature on it and what the robot learned previously.



To run the demos, do the following:

roslaunch jsk_tidyup_demos demo.launch

Then start Python shell and type some commands.

roscd jsk_tidyup_demos/scripts
from demo import *
d = JskDemo()

If you want to view the status of navigation, use rviz.

roslaunch 2dnav_pr2 rviz_move_base.launch

Note that jsk_tidyup_demo.launch and Python shell need to be executed on the robot.

2011-11-19 12:26