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Package Summary

A ROS node that controls a Linksys access point with a Linksys WRT610n-compatible web interface.


This package implements the access_point_control dynamic_reconfigure interface for controlling an access point for Linksys access points.

Compatible models

Tested compatible models are WRT610Nv2 and WRT310N. Any model that uses the same web interface should work.

Known issues

The following is a list of known issues with implementing the access_point_control API for the Linksys web interface:



linksys_apcontrol_node.py provides control of Linksys access point.


Node parameters
These are the startup parameters of the node. ~interface (string, default: wl0 (2.4GHz)) ~ip (string, default: ~user (string, default: empty string) ~password (string, default: admin)
Dynamically Reconfigurable Parameters
See the hostapd_access_point documentation for a full description. For a general discussion of dynamically reconfigurable parameters, see the dynamic_reconfigure package.

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