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pr2_power_drivers: ocean_battery_driver | power_monitor | pr2_power_board

Package Summary

The power_monitor collects messages from the ocean_battery_server and the pr2_power_board, and publishes a summary of their data in a friendlier message format.



power_monitor takes data from ocean_battery_driver and pr2_power_board and republishes it in a more user-friendly message format.

The estimation method that power_monitor uses is reconfigurable via dynamic_reconfigure. Two methods are currently available:

Subscribed topics

battery/server2 (pr2_msgs/BatteryServer2)

power_board/power_state (pr2_msgs/PowerBoardState)

Advertised topics

power_state (pr2_msgs/PowerState)


~frequency (float, default: 0.1)

~estimation_method (string, default: advanced) ~advanced_log_file (string, default: /hwlog/power_monitor/power.log) ~battery_update_timeout (double, default: 120)

2011-11-19 12:29