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Package Summary

An application that allows control of the pr2 arms, head, and base through a joystick interface such as the PS3 controller or a spacenav device. Any joystick will work; the mapping is read from a configuration file.

Please contact aleeper<at>stanford.edu with questions/feedback. If you find something unclear in the documentation, feel free to ask, or if you figure it out, contribute!

TODO: Most of this stuff should be moved into a tutorial...


Bring up the robot

As with all applications, you must first bring up your robot.

Joystick Configuration

The package currently supports two interfaces: a Sony PS3 "Sixaxis" Controller, and a 3Dconnexion "Spacenav" device.

To configure a Sixaxis device, follow the steps in ps3joy to pair it with your computer.

To configure a Spacenav device, follow the instructions in spacenav_node


There are two launch files: one which should be run on the robot, and one which should be run locally.

On the robot:

roslaunch pr2_remote_teleop launch_on_robot.launch

On a local computer:

roslaunch pr2_remote_teleop sixaxis_teleop.launch
*** or ***
roslaunch pr2_remote_teleop spacenav_teleop.launch

Controlling with a PS3 Joystick

The pr2_remote_teleop package supports the ps3 sixaxis controller. The control scheme below is the default one; any of these controls can be easily modified by editing the config file in config/sixaxis.yaml.

NOTE that the "select" and "start" buttons act as a controller suppress, that is, to change between controllers or camera views, hold down start or select FIRST, then press the accompanying button selection, then release start/select.

Selecting camera views and robot controllers

To select the active a camera view (the affects which frame is used when controlling the arms):

Select + Triangle

View the wide-angle head camera

Select + X

View the narrow-angle head camera

Select + Square

View the left forearm camera

Select + Circle

View the right forearm camera

To start controlling a part of the robot:

Start + Pad-Up

Start the head controller

Start + Pad-Down

Start the base and torso controller

Start + Pad-Left

Start the left arm controller

Start + Pad-Right

Start the right arm controller

Head Controller

With the head controller active, the controls are as follows:

Left Joystick

Pan the head left and right

Right Joystick

Tilt head forward and backward


Have the head look at and follow the left gripper position


Have the head look at and follow the right gripper position


Center the head


Toggle the red texture projector on/off

Base Controller

With the base controller active, the controls are as follows: ||L1|| "Deadman switch," you must hold this down to issue any commands to the base.

Left Joystick

Translate the robot forward-backward, left-right

Right Joystick

Change the robot's orientation left-right


Move the torso up


Move the torso down

Arm Controller

The arms are controlled using a cartesian controller to command position and orientation of the gripper, specifically, the gripper finger tips. It is useful to understand the frames used to control the gripper:

With the (left or right) arm controller active, the controls are as follows:

Left Joystick

Moves the gripper forward-backward, left-right in the plane parallel to the ground.

L1, L2

Moves the gripper up (L1) and down (L2) vertically.

Right Joystick

Pivots the gripper about the finger tips. Up-down control the pitch, and left-right control the yaw (or heading).

R1, R2

Rolls the gripper wrist clockwise (R2) and counter-clockwise (R1).


Opens the gripper while the button is held.


Closes the gripper while the button is held.

Unpairing the Joystick

The joystick should unpair from the PR2 automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity, to save battery life. If you ever need to unpair the joystick explicitly, simply press the pairing button for 10 seconds, after which the joystick lights should stop blinking.

Controlling with a Spacenav


This will be generalized so that the keyboard keys can be re-assigned by the user.

The spacenav has 6 axes of proportional control, and two buttons. These are mapped to the various functions depending on the active control mode, which is selected using the keyboard according to the table below.



Prints help to the terminal

Set Active Controller

, (comma)

left arm

. (period)

right arm




head manual control


head follows active gripper


rviz camera control (the frame is /rviz_viewpoint )

Arm Control Mode


position control


rotation control


6-dof control, best for "flying" the gripper like an airplane

Frame Control Policy

The frame of reference for input commands.


Active camera frame


Torso lift frame


Active camera frame projected to be parallel to the ground

Select active camera frame


left forearm camera


wide stereo camera


right forearm camera


narrow stereo camera


r_gripper_stereo camera, if available

Keyboard teleoperation


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