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camera_drivers: prosilica_camera | prosilica_gige_sdk | wge100_camera | wge100_camera_firmware

Package Summary

A ROS node to provide access to Prosilica cameras.


This package contains a ROS driver node for Prosilica gigabit Ethernet cameras. It is built on top of the Prosilica GigE SDK.

The ROS API of this package is stable. The driver node has been tested extensively with the GC2450C model, which was used in the Willow Garage Milestone 2. The node should work with any Prosilica GigE camera, and we welcome reports of use with other cameras.

This page and the tutorials cover expected use of this package. Features of interest to advanced users only are documented here.

For basic vision processing of camera images, see the image_pipeline.



ROS driver for Prosilica GigE cameras. Note that the ROS API varies depending on whether the driver is in streaming or polled mode. In streaming mode it publishes to camera/image_raw and camera/camera_info like any other camera. In polled mode it publishes on request to a client-specified namespace, following the polled_camera protocol.

image_transport is used for all image publications.

Published Topics

Streaming mode
camera/image_raw (sensor_msgs/Image) camera/camera_info (sensor_msgs/CameraInfo)
Polled mode
There may be multiple clients, each with their own response_namespace. These topics are only published in response to the request_image service. <response_namespace>/image_raw (sensor_msgs/Image) <response_namespace>/camera_info (sensor_msgs/CameraInfo)


set_camera_info (sensor_msgs/SetCameraInfo)
Polled mode
request_image (polled_camera/GetPolledImage)


Camera selection
If ~ip_address is set, the node opens the camera at that IP. If only ~guid is set, the node opens the camera with that unique ID. If both, the camera is opened by IP address and the GUID verified. If neither, the node opens the first available camera. ~ip_address (string) ~guid (string)
Dynamically Reconfigurable Parameters
See the dynamic_reconfigure package for details on dynamically reconfigurable parameters. ~trigger_mode (string, default: "streaming") ~auto_exposure (bool, default: True) ~exposure (double, default: 0.015) ~auto_gain (bool, default: True) ~gain (int, default: 0) ~auto_whitebalance (bool, default: True) ~whitebalance_red (int, default: 0) ~whitebalance_blue (int, default: 0) ~frame_id (string, default: "camera")

Command-line tools


Sets the camera to a fixed IP address. The camera must be visible to ListCameras, and must be the only camera listed. The camera must be unopened (i.e. prosilica_node should not be running). This tool is normally used once to configure a new camera (see the tutorials).


$ set_ip <IP address>

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