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Stack Summary

This stack provides templates, tutorials and other resources that assist qt on ros development.

New in electric


The purpose of this package is to provide tools and utilities that assist people in developing with qt and ros with a minimum of effort.

Currently it includes templates and create scripts for quickly developing qt-based ros packages.


Currently only via rosinstall. Do the following on top of an existing ros installation:

rosinstall ~/ros https://raw.github.com/stonier/qt_ros/master/qt_ros.rosinstall

replacing of course ~/ros with wherever your existing install is. We will roll .debs as soon as possible for this stack.



If you have ideas for further tools and would like to submit a template, designer module or similar, contact <d DOT stonier AT gmail DOT com> for further information.

Report a Bug

Use github to report bugs or request features.

Change List

See the ChangeList.

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