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New in Diamondback

ros_comm: cpp_common | message_filters | perf_roscpp | rosbag | rosbagmigration | rosconsole | roscore_migration_rules | roscpp | roscpp_serialization | roscpp_traits | rosgraph | rosgraph_msgs | roslaunch | roslisp | rosmaster | rosmsg | rosnode | rosout | rosparam | rospy | rosservice | rostest | rostime | rostopic | roswtf | std_msgs | std_srvs | topic_tools | xmlrpcpp

Stack Summary

ROS communications-related packages, including core client libraries (roscpp, rospy, roslisp) and graph introspection tools (rostopic, rosnode, rosservice, rosparam).


The ros_comm stack contains the ROS middleware/communications packages. This packages are collectively known as the ROS "Graph" layer. They provide implementations and tools for topics, nodes, services, and parameters. This includes the supported ROS client libraries: roscpp, rospy, and roslisp.

Backwards compatibility for C Turtle

C Turtle has an empty version of the ros_comm stack. This is provided so that stacks may update their dependencies for Diamondback but not break dependency compatibility with a C Turtle release.

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Use trac to report bugs or request features. [View active tickets]

ros_comm developers only: release instructions

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