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Package Summary

This is a ROS interface to the Shadow Robot's robotic hand. It contains both an interface to the real hand (communicating via a CAN interface) and a simulated version of the hand. It also contains an interface to Shadow Robot's muscle arm.


This package provides a ROS interface to the Shadow Robot Dextrous Hand and Arm. Its aim is not only to provide a complete ROS integration to our hardware, but also to provide the user with a simulated and a dummy interface (the dummy interface is a really simple simulated interface, without any physics computation). Changing between those 3 interfaces is transparent for the end user, thus allowing you to test your algorithm in simulation, and then run them on the real hardware without changing any code.

This packge also provides a (deprecated) compatibility interface for the EtherCAT Hand. For more information, you can have a look at this Tutorial.


Here is an overview of the ROS system:

Overview of the System

As you can see, the topics are similar on the arm and hand.

Subscribed Topics

Published Topics


You can specify the following parameters for the Hand or for the Arm:

Installation instructions

Please refer to the Installation Instructions page.


We always welcome contributions. If you want to contribute, please refer to the shadow_robot stack.

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