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Main Config


You can change some default options in the server.ini by changing the [Main config] section.

The default options look like this:

[Main Config]


HTTPServer Port=14534

HTTPServer Enabled=1

DateTimeFormat=dd-mm-yyyy hh:nn:ss




ExternalIPDetection is an option for Windows servers only. When right clicking the icon in the tray, a menu will popup, and there is an option to detect your IP’s. If you set this option to 0 it will be disabled in windows and no IP’s will be detected. Note that this function sends a small packet to the TeamSpeak homepage and the return of this package makes your IP identifiable for the server.

You can change the default port of the webadmin function of the TeamSpeak server in HTTPServer Port. Set it to a port you wish. After that you can open the webadmin page by typing in the IP of your server and the corresponding port (http://yourip:yourport).

If you want to disable the webadmin function set HTTPServer enabled to 0.

DateTimeFormat is a setting that allows you to change the format these are shown. It is adviced to just keep these default settings.

The TCPQuery port can be altered. Just replace the default port with a port you would like to have.

If the computer your TeamSpeak server is installed on has multiple IP’s you can set the proper IP in the BoundToIP= option. Just fill in the IP you want to use.