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Q: What support does TeamSpeak offer?


A: It depends if you are a commercial user or not. If you are a non-commercial user we offer support over our IRC channel (quakenet #teamspeak) and our forum ( ).As a non-commercial user you CANNOT mail us for support!

Since we have a enthousiastic crowd you can be pretty sure your questions will be answered in the forum or IRC channel.

A word to the wise though: Especially in the IRC channel it is appreciated if you tried searching our forum first before you ask a question. From experience we can say that 95 % of all questions that are asked in IRC are already answered in the forum. Questions like: What port does TeamSpeak use? will most likely not be answered since it is stated in the F.A.Q., several answers in threads and in this manual.

If your question is unique: Be sure that there will be enthousiastic people that are keen to solve your problem!

Commercial users (and ONLY commercial users) can additionally use the mail for specific questions. Mail for commercial users: If you use this mail while being a non-commercial user: it will be ignored!