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Server Permissions


This is were the real power of RC2 comes into play. TeamSpeak 2 works with 6 statuses for the client:

Server Admin, Channel Admin, Operator, Voiced, Registered and Anonymous

For each of these statuses you can set permissions (what they are allowed to do on your server and what they are not allowed). If you check a radiobutton behind a permission, it will be enabled. Unchecked, this permission is disabled for the specific status. This manual will go over the options of the Server Admin only. Since the other statuses only have fewer permissions than stated in this status all things can be applied to the other statuses too. I will go over the permissions one by one:


AccessWebAdminServer: SA can access the webadmin function

AccessTcpServer: SA can access the TCPquery function

AccesVoice: SA can login in via the client to the TeamSpeak server

AdminRegisterPlayer: SA can register a user in the client

AdminListDBUsers: SA can see what users are registered in the webadmin

AdminChangeOwnPassword: SA can change own password

AdminChangeUserPassword: SA can change user’s password

AdminSetServerPermissions: SA can set the permissions on a server

AdminListDBServers: SA can see what servers are running on a TeamSpeak server instance.

AdminAddServer: SA can add a server to a TeamSpeak server instance

AdminDeleteServer: SA can delete a server

AdminEditServerIPPort: SA can change the port of a server

AdminEditServerWebpostURL: SA can set the Webpost URL

AdminEditServerName: SA can set the servername

AdminEditServerMaxUsers: SA can set the max server users.

AdminEditServerWelcomeMessage: SA can set the welcome message on a server

AdminEditServerPassword: SA can set the server password

AdminEditServertype: SA can set the server as Clan or Public

AdminEditServerAllowedCodecs: SA can set the allowed codecs on a server

AdminBanIP: SA can use the Ban IP function in the client

AdminMovePlayer: SA can drag and drop players in the client over channels

AdminStopServer: SA can stop a running server

AdminStartServer: SA can start a server

ChannelJoinedRegistered: SA can join a registered channel

ChannelCreateRegistered: SA can create a registered channel in the client

ChannelCreateUnregistered: SA can create a unregistered channel

ChannelCreateDefault: SA can make a default channel (first channel when you join a server)

ChannelCreatSubchannels: SA can create subchannels

ChannelCreateModerated: SA can create moderated channels

ChannelDelete: SA can delete a channel in the client

ChannelEditName: SA can change the channel name

ChannelEditPassword: SA can change the channel password

ChannelEditTopic: SA can change the channel topic

ChannelEditDescription: SA can change the channel description

ChannelEditOrder: SA can set the order of a channel

ChannelEditMaxusers: SA can set the maximum amount of users in a channel

ChannelEditCodec: SA can set the codec used by the channel

ChannelJoinWithoutPassword: SA can join every channel, even password protected ones

PrivilegeGrantSA: SA can give SA status to other users

PrivilegeGrantCA: SA can give CA status to other users

PrivilegeGrantAutoOp: SA can give AutoOperator status to other users

PrivilegeGrantOp: SA can give Operator status to other users

PrivilegeGrantAutoV: SA can give AutoVoice to other users

PrivilegeGrantV: SA can give Voice to other users

PrivilegeGrantAllowRegistration: SA can allow users to register with server

PrivilegeRevokeX: SA can revoke the status permissions earlier given to users

PriviligeAdminPlayerRegister: SA can allow user to make them register users

PrivilegePlayerDelete: SA can delete registered users in the webadmin

PrivilegeRegisterSelfByDefault: Users with the SA status can always register with server

SendTextToAll: SA can send text to all users currently on the server

SendTextToOwnChannel: SA can send text to a channel they created

SendTextToAllChannel: SA can send text to all channels of a server

KickPlayerFromServer: SA can kick a user off a server

KickPlayerFromChannel: SA can kick a user to the default channel

AllowChannelCommander: SA can set the channel commander to him/herself


These are all the configurable permissions (other statuses than SA have fewer options as you will see in the respective pages but they are listed above. Just replace the SA name in the sentences above here with the status you are editing)