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Server settings


Server overview lets you see the settings of a server and provides some information. You cannot alter any of the settings here.

In server settings you can alter a couple of things to your server (if you have the permission to do so). The Serversettings page looks like this:

Servername, ServerWelcomMessage and ServerMaxUsers are pretty clear. You can set a server password on your server. Unregistered users can only log in to your server if they know the password. Registered users can ALWAYS log in, regardless of the server password!

You can change the password infinitely but registered users can always login with their personal password and loginname!

The servertype setting affects the server minimally. The only difference between the clan server and the public server is that when a user connects to a public server, no sound notification will be played back in the client. When a user connects to a clan server, a sound notification will be played.

If you don’t want channels on your server to use a particular codec, you can uncheck the codec you DON’T want used on your server. If there is a webpage running a status script for your server you need to fill in the URL in Server Webpost URL.

The last thing you can change is the serverport. Please choose a port that isn’t already used!

Click on save to make the changes permanent. The alterations you made will be shown realtime in the client without the server restarting or the client disconnecting.