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If you want to login as a superadmin (this is an admin that can admin ALL servers running on an instance of TeamSpeak) please check the superadmin box.If you provided the correct data (the password is in the server.log file that was created the first time you started the TeamSpeak server) you will be logged in now.

When you logged in as superadmin you need to choose the server you want to admin by clicking Servers in the left menu and choose the correct server by clicking the arrow at the right of the server of your choice.

If you want to stop a running server click on the green logo next to it.

If you want to delete a server click on the red cross next to it (although unnecessary to say: PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN DELETING SERVERS!)

If you want to add a server to your set up click on add server. A new page will be presented and you can fill in the data of your new server there. Pay attention to the server port!!! You need to fill in a port that ISN’T used yet! When adding a server no restart is required. The servers currently running won’t be restarted and users connected to the server won’t notice anything.

The rest of the functions of a superadmin is the same as the serveradmin although a superadmin has all the permissions, always. A normal server admin can still be restricted with the permission system.