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TCPquery function


You can login to the TeamSpeak server via telnet. These are the commands you can use:

help - gives a help with all commands
sl - serverlist, displays all currently running servers
pl <serverport> - playerlist, displays all connected players to a server
cl <serverport> - channellist, displays all channels of a server
ver - displays server version
sel <serverport> - selects a server
si <serverport> - displays server information
msg <text> -sends a text to selected server
msgall <text> -sends a text to all running servers
login <username> <password> -login as normal user
slogin <username> <password> -login as superadmin (needed for mostly all of tcpquery)
serverstart <dbid> -starts the given server
serverstop <serverport> -stops the given server
serveradd <serverport> -adds a server
dbserverlist - displays a list of all servers
checkserverok <serverport> - checks if a given server hangs
dbuserlist - displays all registered users of a server
dbuseradd <username> <pw1> <pw1> <serveradmin> - adds a user
dbuserdel <dbid> - deletes a user
dbuserchangepw <dbid> <newp1> <newp2> - changes password
dbuserchangeattribs <dbid> <serveradmin> - grants/revokes serveradmin to a user
quit - quits tcpquery